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5 WhatsApp Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Sales

WhatsApp among all social media platforms has the most engaging marketing channel.

Why? You may ask.

The answer is because it has over 1billion users, which makes it bigger than Facebook and Twitter.

That is enough reason to take advantage of this platform to generate more sales, keep customers, and maximize profits.

You as a marketer must have made several mistakes while using this platform to market your goods or services.

We have put together the most common mistakes people make when marketing on WhatsApp. By reading and applying all you will learn in this article, you can avoid repeating these mistakes.

1. Spamming Groups

What better way to market your goods and services than to post on WhatsApp groups? It is an easy way to reach many users who may be interested in the services you offer. But there is a problem.

Posting in groups without seeking permission can get you kicked out. You can not only get into problems with the group members and admins but also lose a chance to market your goods/services.

The best way to act is to seek permission from the group members and admins before posting anything related to your business.

2. Inconsistent Posts

The best way to be in the minds of your contacts is to reach out to them always. You can reach out to them by posting informative content about your business that will be of good benefit.

These posts should be made consistently, so your customers will know you are still in business.

However, make sure that these posts align with your business and what you offer. Posts not related to your business should be avoided, which is the main reason to use a WhatsApp business account for your marketing.

3. Bugging Your Contacts

Posting irrelevant content will bore or annoy your contacts. This may cause them to avoid viewing your posts, which means a loss of potential customers.

Another option they may want to explore is to block you. This means you won’t be able to reach them at all.  You don’t want this to happen, right?

To avoid this kind of scenario, you are advised to post only informative and important content relating to your business.

4. Not Building A List Of Interested Contacts

In WhatsApp, your contacts are your potential customers. What kind of contact list are you building? Will they be interested in the goods or services you offer?

Now, this is where many business owners make mistakes. If you don’t build a list of contacts who are interested in what you offer, you will record low or no sales.

Then you have to join the bandwagon who thinks you can’t use WhatsApp to market your goods and services.

You can build a list of interested contacts in two ways:  allow them to add you or you add them.

The first way is by making a post on your Twitter or Facebook account. The post should include details of the goods or services you offer and your WhatsApp number for interested people to add you. Yes, trust them with your WhatsApp number.

Another option is to make a post and request that interested people should give you their WhatsApp number so you can add them. Using this option, however, can prove tricky as some people won’t trust you with their numbers.

5. Adding People To Group’s Without Their Permissions

Finally, we will talk about this point. If you have created a Whatsapp group before, I am sure you are guilty of adding people without their permission.

This is not a good way to attract attention to the goods or services you offer. The people you have added without permission can block or report you. It will cause a loss of sales for you, and your WhatsApp account may get banned.

It is not impossible to add people to your WhatsApp group. However, ask for permission before you do so. There is an even better option, upgrade your business so that others will beg to be added to your WhatsApp group.

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