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Easiest Ways To Get Your Business To Appear On Google

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Have you been trying and struggling towards making your business appear on google search engines, and you don't know how and where to start from as there are millions of other businesses that are also ready to do the same? This shouldn't be a problem. Don't get discouraged, anyone, as this article contains guides and steps on the easiest ways to get your business or brand to appear on google. Keep scrolling down!!!

How to put your website on Google for free

It's very simple and easy to put your website on google for free. If looking for the easiest way to get your business on google, all you need to do is to follow these steps below to start;

  • Visit the google business page.
  • To start, you have to visit the Google Business page to start. This is the first start-up point to begin your journey to making your website appear on google. You need to look at the information you fill in as you can not change some information.

  • You click the sign-in button.
  • After visiting the Google business page, you click the sign-in button if you already have the account. But if you don't have an account, you click on create an account (it's also simple to create an account).

  • Input email address and password
  • Insert your email address and password to sign in to your account to continue the procedure; when inserting your email address, make sure the email you are using has not been used to register another account, as one email can't be used to create two accounts.

  • Enter your business
  • This is the stage you would register your business information. Taking this section is also important because you need to input your business information accurately to avoid mistakes. The information they need about your business are;

    a) Name of Business ( this should be clearly stated)
    b) Country/ state where the business is located
    c) Business address
    d) Business phone number ( use country's code)
    e) Business category (what type of business do you run)
    f) Business website ( input the website's URL)
    g) Other information needed is stated as you proceed.

  • Click I am authorizes button
  • After successfully inputting all business information needed and confirming you are not a robot, you need to click the "I am authorized box" to continue. After you complete all the following steps and submit successfully, Google will send your registered email address a mail you would use to verify your account. Your business would appear easily on google and even Google Maps.

Google My Business

An excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to own a business and wants his business to grow through Google. One of the reasons that make google my business the easiest way to make your business appear on Google is the ability to make your business visible and allow customers to write reviews about what they feel about your business.

Been it a free and safe software to use, you can take some online courses (even if you are starting or already started) that can help you grow your site on google. Some of the topics discussed are;

  • Google ads
  • Google for education
  • Google marketing platform
  • Google AdMob
  • Grow with Google
  • Digital skills
  • Inclusive marketing fundamentals for agencies and lots more
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How to get a website on Google's first page

As we all know, Google tends to be the only software that can commend the pages needed by humans and vice versa. So for your website to be on google first page, you need to follow some steps to get that done if you are looking toward driving organic traffic to your web page.

Google has done many businesses, and yours is not an exception to that; all know that every business target is to be on the Google first page. If customers are satisfied with what they see on the first page, then they don't need to go search for another page.

That's the more reason why you should try your best to use the guides below to make your website appear on google first page. These guides are;

  • Generate low competition and high demand keywords (very important point to take note of)
  • Inform Google about the keywords used (these can be done clearly by stating your meta title, meta description, and others correctly to attract customers)
  • Create content for humans, not google (create a post that is optimized and informative to humans, make them satisfied with your content.)
  • Make your business location visible to customers (this can be done also using Google map)
  • Make your website easy to use (let your web page be user friendly)
  • optimize my Google business account page
  • And lots more
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Create a Mobile Application

As we all know, not all websites can be accessed using a mobile phone, which is a great threat to a business. The mobile device has now dominated the world as we now use phones in almost everything we do. Among the best and easiest ways to make your business appear on Google, this is an essential part.

Creating a mobile application that is user-friendly tends to build stronger business and customer relationships (for instance, in hotels and restaurants, using their mobile app, you can book a room and order food without stress using their mobile app regardless of you visiting their website.

To date, some customers find it challenging to know the link/URL to a website, but on average, most customers see the name of the business mobile app they intend to patronize. If customers are satisfied using your business mobile app, they try as much as possible to suggest it to others. This also helps in growing a business. Although, you have to employ a web developer to program a responsive web app for your business.

Run Paid Ads For Your Business On Google

Advertising your business online makes you meet your targeted customers (Especially for small businesses. If your business ads appear on google's first page, you will gain more clicks and engagement than results in other search engines.

However, to set your bids, Google offers cost-per-click (CPC) bids you can effectively use. This is the easiest way to get your business on Google because all you need to do is pay Google to make your business visible. However, you need to create a Google ad account before taking further steps. It's free to create an account with your valid email address.

Benefits Of Using Google To Promote Your Business

  • It tends to boost your business traffic lead. Your business needs a blog to be successful; you need writers to create quality and engaging content about your business. Create catchy headlines, use long-tail keywords and let the post to be published be long formed.
  • Google helps in building a stronger relationship between business and customers. By using Google, you stand a chance of choosing your targeted customers from around the world. You communicate with customers and ask for their feedback about what they feel about your business. This even leads to your business get more customers.
  • Your business would be visible around the world. Been Google the most visited search engine, you need to make your business visible on search engines either through ads or by publishing compelling content on your blog.
  • Effective conversion tracking.Google gives businesses access to track their engagement, clicks, and whatever happens when a customer clicks or visits your page or ad.
  • It's free (unless you are running the paid ads).It's free to make your business appear on Google by creating your business account or even using Google AdSense.
  • You can also use SEO to make your business be at the top. This is also a great aspect to look into. If you create content for your business blog, it should be based on SEO guides to rank on Google successfully.
  • a) Earning from your convenience and lots more. Unlike other physical businesses where you have to be there to attend to customers, work hard, and bear the scourge of some customer inpatients and arrogance.
    If your business has a website or business mobile application, then customers would eventually patronize your business without meeting each other in person and also live reviews on their experience with your business for others to see and know your business's worth. Great suggestion

Final Thought

Google has been behind the success of many businesses today as it allows business owners to showcase their business on it. You create a post about your business; you run ads for your business to be visible.

However, there are other several steps you can follow to make your business appear on Google. But the ones stated in this article emphasize the easiest ways to make your business get on the Google search engine. I hope in the end; you now know the best way to make your business appear on Google.